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Early suitcases were made of wood or other heavy materials. With the popularity of air travel, best phone app for android the materials of suitcases tended to be joy casino официальный сайт more lightweight, hard plastic or cloth. Most models also have built-in small wheels, which can be pulled easily by levers. After 2010, there will also be four small wheel suitcases. In addition to автоматы гаминатор 360-degree rotation, they can be easily pushed on the ground without effort.

In addition, the luggage can also be divided into hard-shell luggage and soft-shell hot russians luggage according to the outer shell. Hard-shell luggage is more resistant to falling and suitable for luggage that needs more protection. Soft-shell luggage is usually lighter in weight than hard-shell luggage, and its capacity is more flexible. However, the zip position of a soft-shell suitcase is more likely to burst due to too many items inside.
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